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Virtual Tour Features

View all the features available with a Matterport Virtual Tour

Dollhouse View

Proprietary Dollhouse View shows your property in 3D how the entire property fits together

The Matterport Dolls House View sets a Matterport 3d Virtual Tour from any other product on the market. Viewers can rotate the model at any angle to fully appreciate the layout and how the property fits together.

You can also select floors enabling the user to see individual floors from every view point. 


Floor Plan View

Select between floors and glance with top-down Floorplan View of your property

Engage Home Buyers and Sellers with 3D Floor Plan Views
There are a few key truths that guide the real estate decision making process:

You only have one first chance to engage with a buyer.
Buyers tend to be intrinsically motivated by visuals.
Emotion and innovation matter.
That’s why top real estate agents from the top brands in the country have started leveraging 3D floor plan views from Matterport.

It’s an innovative, intuitive format that is engaging and detailed, satisfying the intellectual, creative, and emotional decision-making centers.

High Definition Photos

High definition print quality 2d photos automatically generated from each scan point in the tour

When a property is scanned, the Camera is placed every 5ft to 7ft and spins 360° capturing everything within the space. With each scan we are able to generate high definition 2d photos of any area from within the tour, should you require a photo from a section of the tour then this can be created at the time the tour is created or at a later date if required.

Please take a look at a selection of 2d photos taken from some of our tours


Multimedia MatterTags

Add Mattertags to your tour containing multimedia including text, images, links & video

Use Mattertag Posts to highlight key features within your property 
including text, images, links & video. 

Using Mattertags you can link through to a brochure / menu with additional information, selection of photos, video or just text to highlight a specific service or facility within your property. Mattertags can be especially useful for ecommerce to show products within your store with a link to purchase the item online. You can also include links to your website and social media.      

Interactive VR

Go interactive and offer your visitors the chance to explore your space in virtual reality using VR Headsets

Use virtual reality to increase the number of people who walk through the door, whether that’s by pre-arranged appointment or impulsive walk-in business. A dedicated virtual reality zone can become an engaging space in which to conduct virtual viewings, with the ability to tour multiple properties in just one visit.

Home movers can simply put on a headset and enjoy viewings that replicate a real life visit. For agents, the ability to show people as many as 15 different properties in 15 minutes - without leaving the office - is a brilliant time saver and an astute applicant qualification tool. It cuts down the number of hours wasted on pointless viewings and leaves agents to personally accompany only the viewings that stand a high chance of generating an offer.

Matterport tour can be viewed using a smartphone together with Gear VR, Google Cardboard or Google Daydream.


Schematic Floors Plans

Professional black-and-white floor plans, generated from Matterport Camera Scans

Professional black-and-white floor plans, quickly and easily generated from almost any Matterport Space.
While sellers are impressed by the immersive virtual tour, they still expect you to use traditional marketing methods like floor plans. Buyers and new homeowners have come to depend on floor plans to visualise the space. Floor plans are also great for offline use.

Add Schematic Floor Plans to your marketing portfolio, create a complete listing presentation, acquire new sellers, engage more buyers, and ultimately lead to more sales!

Google Street View

Publish your tour to Google Street View so you and your business can reach an even bigger audience...

Why Google Street View (GSV)?

Google maps 360 tour is the de facto way businesses of all types are found. Having a good search listing is crucial, especially for local businesses. According to Ipsos, businesses with search listings are 94% more likely to be viewed as reputable, 38% more likely to be used than businesses without a listing, and 29% more likely to motivate consumers to consider purchasing goods or services from them. 

If those weren’t reasons enough, listings with media rich content such as Google Business 360 Street View rank higher in search results, and once found, generate more interest and engagement. According to Google:

* When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time
* Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest
* On average, 41% of place searches result in an on-site visit

Use a Google 360 Photographer and Matterport 3D virtual walkthroughs with Google Street View integration to enable potential customers to experience your business as if they were really there, and help your business stand out from the local competition.

Add Google Street View, get in touch for more information.


Virtual Staging for residential & commercial properties

Bring a new dimension to your property with virtual staging for empty residential & commercial properties whether you are looking to encourage more buyers or designing a new layout /design for your property. There are 100's of 3D assets to choose from with the option to add custom Mattertags & multimedia including images, audio & video.


With the Measurement Mode users can measure any aspect of the Space, on any device

For real estate professionals, the measurement tool provides another selling point for agents and/or sellers by allowing prospective buyers or tenants to virtually measure if a space can accommodate their furniture, artwork, rugs and other design elements, limiting the unknown variable elements from the buying process. 

Industries across architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), real estate, retail, travel and hospitality, insurance and restoration will benefit from this important capability.


Individual 360° Images & Tags

360° Images can be generated from any point within the tour and used as individual views on your website or shared on Facebook

Emergency & Disaster Planning

A Matterport virtual tour should be an essential part of your emergency plan. 

* Interactive top down floor plan & immersive walkthrough
* Escape routes & exits 
* Location of fire detection & equipment
* Assembly areas
* Provide access to the Fire Officer 
* Staff training
* Contractor access routes & location of areas
* Pre planning of contractor works
* Risk assessment planning
* COVID planning
* Leisure club risk assessments
* Document assets

There are many ways a Matterport tour of your premises could aid your emergency planning & along with a duplicate copy solely for marketing sounds like a good plan!

Tour Analytics to monitor visitors

Create and send custom analytics reports for Virtual Tours, Single Property Websites & Overall reports within your account.

Our analytics reports include:

  • Total number of views
  • Number of unique viewers
  • Average time spent viewing the Virtual Tour
  • Top referrer links

Branded Virtual Tour Overlay

Brand your Matterport tour with your own logo & colour banner including a choice of navigation, navigation style & branding materials. 

Highlight points of interest with different navigation styles, and generate more leads with links to external websites, documents, visual assets and more.

Add interactive map, video & call-to-action links to encourage more enquiries.

Time travel through your project history

Assign roles, create construction history, view work stages, create manage project. All with one tool.
Enhanced communication

3D visualisations make it easier to perceive the space. This tool enables you to add notes in virtual reality, as well as comment on the changes taking place on the construction site, and all this online, on any device.

Anywhere and anytime

The pandemic and social isolation have proven the importance of the internet in our daily lives. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to communicate with your team remotely, from all over the world , at any time, even from the comfort of your own home.

Supervision and project history in one place

Create projects and supplement necessary information on an ongoing basis, to create a history and documentation of works, which you can always return to. Add users and share information, and you can pass the documentation or present it to your clients.

View building history with timeline

Review recorded changes through the timeline. You can go back to older
stages of build, check notes and add new ones. All in a clear and simple way.

Digital twin experience for IoT control and facility management

Discover an innovative platform for smart system control based on the interactive 3D space of your property.

All information stored in one data container

• Real mapping of devices in space
• Collect all data about devices, equipment, finishing materials, gadgets in one place
• Adding photos, videos, and documents
• Multiple categories for intuitive management

All vendors controlled within one platform

• Many vendors synchronized in one place
• Intuitive and user-friendly 3D interface
• Secure and easy access to device data
• Visual presentation of device activity and settings

All tasks and issues resolved with one tool

• Schedule and manage facility maintenance items
• Real-time facility inspection in full 3D
• Build your individual timeline activity graphs
• Link to your favorite news and widgets
• Report issues with task manager